MSPTU Infographics

The Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit Insight Team developed four quick reference infographic posters to help communicate the different forms of modern slavery.  The posters also help to explain victim vulnerabilities and how offenders operate. These infographics are downloadable via the document links section on the right of this page.


Website Resources

Modern slavery awareness and victim identification - A Home Office publication provides valuable guidance and case studies to raise awareness and support first responders in the identification of modern slavery victims.

“Closer than you think” campaign - Further information and promotional materials explaining modern slavery are available from the publications website. This includes posters in multiple languages.

Victim support materials - Available from the publications website is a leaflet explaining the support available to the victims of modern slavery.  This material is translated in eleven languages.

The NSPCC provides An information website developed for children who may be victims of modern slavery. The material explains more information about the NRM process and how it relates to children and is again available in multiple languages.

Raising awareness amongst vulnerable groups - A Poster (for use around homeless shelters etc.) has been developed by Homeless Link to raise awareness of exploitation and the targeting of the homeless community. The poster is also available in multiple languages “Homeless people are at risk”

Raising awareness of worker rights

The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) provides a range of information materials available on their website including leaflets to explain the rights of workers in the UK and which are available in multiple languages.


Web Links to Audio Resources

BBC Radio 4 Beyond Today - How Does Slavery Work - An insight into the West Midlands Police Labour Exploitation investigation Operation Fort, the largest ever Modern Slavery investigation undertaken in Europe. With interviews with victims, officers and Caroline Haughey QC the prosecution barrister.


Web links to video resources

Here we have compiled a list of the video resources that are frequently used to brief police and partners as part of awareness raising and training activity. The list is not exhaustive and includes material produced by partners as well as by law enforcement agencies.


Romania's sex trafficking trade: 'There is no other life they know'

A report by ITV News into the Sexual Exploitation of females in Romania, who at 14/15 years old are put to work as sex workers in brothels before being sold to exploiters across Europe, including the UK, to be sex workers.


The Crossing

This emotionally charged multi-screen digital installation investigates the exploitation of hope and the black market economy of human trafficking. The Crossing explores the story of a young girl sex trafficked into an organised industry through the ‘lover boy’ technique. Her story unfolds through interconnected screens with perspective shifting visuals and an intimate binaural sound design.

A victim's journey - Miriam's story  In this MSPTU video, a victim of modern slavery describes her journey through exploitation and is re-united with the police officer who was the first to listen to her story.

IASC Emergency services: Spotting the signs of modern slavery. and IASC Local government: Spotting the signs. - Videos from the Independent Anti-slavery Commissioner’s office encouraging public sector workers to actively look out for signs of modern slavery.

Modern slavery is closer than you think A Home Office video explaining the background to modern slavery, how victims are recruited and how people could be suffering from exploitation in almost any location.

Horse trading: A trafficker’s view of modern slavery - A Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) insight into how the perpetrators of modern slavery run their money making business model

Elena’s story – raising awareness of trafficking and sexual exploitation. - A National Crime Agency video showing how young women can be tricked into coming to the UK only to find themselves subject to prostitution and sexual exploitation.

Can you see me? Modern slavery in hand car washes  An A21 Charity dramatised videos  show how and where modern slavery could be taking place in everyday life.

Modern Slavery and human trafficking - its closer than you think - Kent Police video re Exploitation in Nail bars

Do the right thing - Spotting modern slavery in the workplace. - A video from the GLAA showing how the victims of modern slavery may not be immediately visible – but why it is important to take action.

Concrete: Modern slavery in the construction sector - A true story from the construction sector showing how polish workers were exploited having been promised work in the UK. This video is from Stronger Together. 

Free the unseen - A video from the charity Unseen to help with spotting the signs of modern slavery.

Break the chain - A film from the Hertfordshire Anti-Slavery Partnership showing different types of exploitation.


Videos about police operations


Derbyshire Police - Operation Doubrava

A nine part mini-documentary series from Derbyshire Police tells the story of a major international investigation into the trafficking and labour  exploitation of Latvian and Eastern European victims working in and around Derby. The case was initiated by a simple 999 call about an assault but led to an international collaboration with Latvia State Police through which 29 victims of modern slavery were identified and eleven defendants subsequently faced trial.

Lancashire Police - Operations Ludlow

Nine men were sentenced for their roles in trafficking and exploiting Romanian women for prostitution following a report that an address could be being used as a brothel. As in earlier cases the victims were not able to give evidence in criminal proceedings.

Detailed investigation showed that the women were taken to addresses across the North West at night although they rarely left the house in the day – and never unaccompanied. Evidence from communications between the perpetrators revealed how the men, some of who the girls thought of as their boyfriends, split the proceeds from the sexual services the girls were expected to provide. A similar operation followed several months later resulting in further convictions under the Modern Slavery Act.

Thames Valley Police – Operation Ravine

Thames Valley Police makes three arrests in South Buckinghamshire. Eight people, believed to be victims of modern slavery, were also safeguarded. Approximately 100 officers were involved in the operation which took place following allegations made about forced labour at building sites. Thames Valley Police led the operation supported by a number of partner agencies including the National Crime Agency, and the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority.

Northants Police – Operation Viper

A Northants police day of action sets out to safeguard victims and target potential modern slavery offences at car washes in Northampton

West Midlands Police – Day of action at recycling centres

A West Midlands police operation at recycling centres results in three arrests and 12 people being safeguarded. Three men were arrested on suspicion of working a group of Polish nationals like slaves. Victims were paid £10 and for 12 hour day.

Northants Police – Day of of action at traveller sites

More than 70 officers involved in a major operation across three sites to tackle suspected modern slavery through labour exploitation. In total six victims were rescued and six people were arrested in total on suspicion of labour exploitation. The video contrasts the living conditions of those being exploited with the people they are working for.

Lancashire Police – Operation Nyx

Two women found inside a house in Blackburn were suspected of being trafficked to the UK from Romania. Safeguarding and welfare issues were addressed but the women refused to make any complaints against the men holding them. They did not identify themselves as victims. Officers worked to identify that the perpetrators had arranged for the women to be sexually exploited as prostitutes for their own financial gain.  

Lancashire Police – Operation Hexton

Intelligence originating from a tweet on a police Twitter page led officers to an address which was suspected to be a brothel and concerns were raised about young women at the property. Further enquiries found that the girls had been brought from Romania with the promise of work as maids at a hotel. Instead they were forced to perform sexual acts for clients having been threatened with violence to them and their families if they refused to comply or tried to run away


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