Police officers, police staff, OPCC employees and colleagues working across law enforcement will find useful information being posted in the Modern Slavery Community on POLKA. Copies of these guidance materials is also provided to police forces for upload onto police force intranets.

This material supports and informs police and law enforcement partners with case studies, good practice and additional, new learning materials that are being developed as we gain more experience in responding to modern slavery cases.

The is in addition to the College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice (APP) on modern slavery which is available of the College of Policing public website

Support materials available on POLKA and via Force intranets include:

  1. Analysis products; including the UK LEA – Operational overview and various analytical reports on MS offences, offenders and victim types.
  2. Investigation guidance and "how to" materials, including; Frontline "Initial Actions" guidance, comprehensive modern slavery investigation guides; how to work with Europol and International partners; how to use the National Referral Mechanism; how to plan for covert operations, and; how to manage victim engagement.
  3. Modern slavery case law; includes updates on the interpretation of the legal issues connected with modern slavery cases including the Section 45 Defence
  4. MS Transformation Programme publications; including newsletters and our annual reports.
  5. Operational debriefs; Over 30 individual operational debrief reports are available featuring good practice and lessons learned in each case.
  6. Training information; with guidance on where and how to access modern slavery training including video "master classes" on a range of topics.

POLKA is the place where the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Programme publishes the latest versions of all guidance, analysis and other information relating to the policing and law enforcement response to modern slavery.

Questions, comments and suggestions for good practice can also be posted on the POLKA Modern Slavery Community.

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About Us

This is the website of the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Programme.  We work to support police officers, police staff and law enforcement partners to lead the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Our aim is to help to deliver a consistent response to protecting victims and targeting offenders - and to work with partners to ultimately help prevent exploitation from having a place in our society.

Contact Us

You can contact the Modern Slavery Police Transformation programme by email at Modern Slavery

Alternatively colleagues in UK law enforcement can visit the modern slavery community on POLKA.